About Miriam

Miriam Potocky (3)Miriam was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. The first of many changes in her life occurred at age six, when she witnessed tanks rolling past her family’s home during the Soviet occupation of the country. Shortly thereafter, her family fled to the United States, taking her with them. She grew up in Denver, where she spent her high school and early college years studying diligently to become a particle physicist. However, during a brief stint at Los Alamos National Lab, she began to suspect that building nuclear weapons just might not be the best way to spend her life. Thus, at age twenty she rebelled and spent the next decade living on the fringes of the Harley biker world.

In her thirties she returned to semi-conventional life, earning a Ph.D. in social work and becoming a university professor, publishing academic treatises under her real name of Miriam Potocky. She has found this to be a rewarding career, with the minor exception that one fine day she crashed headfirst into the glass ceiling of the ivory tower. Falling into a funk, she took to her bed to eat chocolates and watch old Dirty Harry movies. She didn’t get Harry’s appeal until she suddenly had a vision of him as a woman, and then it all made sense. Thus her debut novel, DIRTY HARRIET, was born.  It won the 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best First Series Romance.  Miriam can only guess that this is because the heroine kills her husband on page one.

DIRTY HARRIET and its sequel, DIRTY HARRIET RIDES AGAIN, were originally published by Harlequin and were reissued by Bell Bridge Books in 2013. The third and fourth in the series, DEAD IN BOCA and BOCA UNDERCOVER, were published by Bell Bridge in 2014 and both have won the Royal Palm Literary Award for Humor/Satire from the Florida Writers Association.

Miriam lives in South Florida with her husband and their multicultural canines, a Welsh Corgi and a Brussels Griffon.  She continues to profess by day and decompress by night by writing her next novel.